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Authentic Voice Training and Consulting Services is a incorporated consulting firm dedicated to consistently providing high quality education and consulting in diversity and inclusion, specializing in lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and queer (LGBTQ) topics and issues.

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Diversity and Inclusion is important in any workplace. Whether it be on the basis of age, ancestry, colour, race, gender identity, gender expression, or sexual orientation, everyone has the right to feel valued and respected.

While LGBTQ people are enjoying new rights and privileges in almost every aspect of life, employment is still a place where it is important to demonstrate inclusion. Without evidence to the contrary, LGBTQ people will hide themselves and not bring their whole selves to work.

According to the Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion, 27.6 % of LGB workers and 39% of trans workers are not out at work to anyone. All employees should at a minimum have clear guidance regarding appropriate workplace behaviour and the consequences of failing to comply with anti-discrimination policies that include gender identity, but creating educational opportunities in LGBTQ inclusion and creating an inclusive workplace with LGBTQ allies can increase productivity, profitability and engagement.

Authentic Voice Training and Consulting Services offers training in:

Authentic Voice also offers consultation in general diversity and inclusion.

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Who We Are

Neill Kernohan - Chief Educator and Owner

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A graduate of Wilfrid Laurier University, Neill Kernohan has been involved for 32 years in Diversity and Inclusion. Employed by the Ontario Public Service for 18 years, most recently as the Chief Positive Space Champion for the OPS, Neill created the Positive Space Program, an equity initiative that brings visibility and support to LGBTQ individuals through posting of indicators in the workplace.

Neill understands diversity and inclusion and how it intersects with Employee Engagement and Customer Service, and loves to work with businesses to make sure that all staff and customers feel valued and respected.

Joseph Hart-Day - Associate Trainer

Joseph Hart-Day Profile Pic

Joe Hart-Day is an experienced facilitator with adult learning sessions in LGBTQ awareness. Joe self identifies as a transman who speaks of his life experiences on trans issues. He has been involved with Pride in Corrections for almost 7 years and OPS Pride network in the last year. Currently Joe is an Operational Manager with the rank of Sergeant at the Vanier Center for Women in Milton and proudly continues his work as a Positive Space Champion.